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Most of the technological companies are very passionate about their Intellectual Properties (IP), concepts, ideas and product roadmaps etc. and keep them closely guarded to prevent any leakage to the competition in order to gain advantage in the market. This phenomenon has gotten so deep into roots that even most of the employees / engineers who are working may not be aware of final product.
We, at iEmbed visualize those elements and try to even enhance values by offering highly skilled domain specific engineers onsite for various contracts and contract to hire option. iEmbed goes through a rigorous process of selecting the best qualified candidates who can be of value to our clients.
Embedded Systems Solutions Contract/Project Specific
iEmbed's contract recruitment services enable our clientele to ramp up for short-term or specific project/s need with qualified engineers. We typically support time sensitive projects, meet short-term requirements and down-size resources during post project. Our Contract offering ensures your ability to maintain budgeted staff levels while reducing overhead.
Embedded Systems Solutions Contract to Hire
iEmbed is dedicated to providing our clients with the best fit, technically, culturally and professionally. Our Contract to Hire solutions allow companies to ensure that the individual fits perfectly, without the burden of onboarding them as a full time employee. Our clients can convert the contractor to a full time employee, following contract period is fulfilled.
Embedded Systems Solutions Direct Placement
Allow iEmbed Resources to identify, screen and qualify candidates for your tough to fill full-time positions. With our direct screening procedure and background check, our professional recruiters provide companies with a pool of qualified applicants to choose from. Rely on iEmbed to provide the pieces of the puzzle for successful expansion.
  Embedded Systems Solutions
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